How to Plan & Layout Your Sample Card

We Design Your Card the Way You Want

Make a mock-up, it doesn't have to be neat or even complete but it gives our designer a starting point. What kind of fabric? How many colors? What size swatches will be required to show the pattern or texture? Folded swatches, flat swatches or waterfall? Do you want a booklet - a display folder with loose inserts - separate cards three ring punched for a binder - a header card with or without identifying stickers? Put some thought into it and play around with your own ideas. Check out some of our formats or call us for samples if you would like to see some new ideas. Also let us know what size your fabrics are so we can plan cut outs and let you know how much fabric to send.


Fabric Preparation

Scraps are not appropriate for sample card production. This is not the time to save money by using scraps. Our swatch cutting is very efficient but will not handle scrapes.

 • If your fabric is prone to wrinkle, do not fold. Wrinkles will show in the final product. Simply put the fabric on a roll to avoid wrinkles. It is not necessary to put each piece on a separate roll. Carefully identify each style and color and place each piece sequentially on a single roll for shipping.

 • Use a firmly attached identification tag on each piece. Face & Top must be identified if that characteristic is a factor in any particular fabric. We cannot be held responsible for making a wrong determination of which is the face side of a fabric or which direction is to be on top. In many cases , one or both of these characteristics are of no consequence in a particular fabric, so if you make no distinction we will assume this is the case and proceed on that basis.

 • Keep a complete inventory of the fabrics that you have sent to us. We cannot inventory your fabric without tying up our worktables. If you have fabrics coming from different sources, let us know how many cartons and each shipper's name. We will contact you if any shipment is incomplete but we won't open the cartons until you tell us everything is here.


Proofing is important

We will send a copy of the sample card as soon as the initial typesetting is complete. This gives you the opportunity to check spelling, fabric numbers, color names, fabric specifications - The whole bit! Now is the time to eliminate error, yours or ours. You are responsible and what you see is what you get. Return the proof to us with corrections and we'll get on the job.


Little Things to Watch For

Does the fabric need to be backed? We can apply a paper backing for fabrics like sweater knits or a product that will ravel if unstitched. Keep in mind that it does alter the look of the product (which is itself not backed, of course) and reference to the fact that it is backed should be printed on the card.

   Should some swatches be folded rather than swatched flat? This is approximately 25% more expensive but is often worth it if it shows the fabrics more attractively. The decision to press or not to press folded swatches is left to the discretion of the customer. This also adds to the cost and we leave it to the customer to choose between the soft roll at the bottom of the folded swatch or a hard pressed edge.

   Heater cards should be used to display large swatches that cannot properly fit in swatched folders. Pertinent information should be printed on the header card. In other words, avoid the costly application of information stickers to the individual swatches.



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